Northern Neck Strongman Competition

June 1, 2013 at Washington & Lee High School, Montross

The first annual Northern Neck Strongman Competition was held at Monroe Park in Colonial Beach and sponsored by Colonial Beach High School and the Virginia National Guard.

Sixteen athletes, ranging in age from grades 8 through 12 did their weigh-ins to determine which class they would register in, be it lightweight, middleweight or heavyweight. They then proceeded to compete in events such as tire flip, sand bag carry, farmer’s toss and Humvee push. A four-man tug-of-war was also part of the all-day event. The Colonial Beach High School team (Jacob Hoffmaster, Jamie Little, Josh Sanford and Mikey Phillips) defeated the Essex team of Thomas Taylor, Deandre Hundley, Rodney Jamison and Chuck Samuels. Colonial Beach students walked away with all the awards that day, except for the heavyweight division tire flip, which was won by Denver Harris of King George High School.

Middleweight Division
tire flip: Paul Roberson. Also, Josh Sanford (second), Jason Vickery (third)
sand bag carry: Josh Sanford. Also, Timmy Jackson (second), Jason Vickery (third)
Humvee push: Paul Roberson. Also, Chuck Samuels (second), Jason Vickery (third)

Heavyweight Division
tire flip: Jamie Little (2nd), Deandre Hundley (3rd)
sand bag carry: Rodney Jamison (2nd), Mikey Phillips (3rd)
Humvee push: Jacob Hoffmaster. Also, Denver Harris (2nd), Mikey Phillips (3rd)
First place athletes competed in the multiple events, capturing second and third place finishes.
The individual tug-of-war single elimination winner was Jacob Hoffmaster.

2011 Northern Neck Strongman Competition

Saturday, May 28th

Spearheaded by SFC Robert E. Greene of the Virginia National Guard, the Drifter athletic program hosted the 2nd Annual Strongman Competition, which featured athletes from Colonial Beach and Washington & Lee High Schools. The overall winner was W&L 

Eagle Greg Bankhead (lightweight) - the overall individual winner for each weight class). CB Drifter Josh Sanford (middleweight) and Eagle Raymond Johnson (heavyweight) each won individual honors for their classes.

Even though both high schools received points for an overall team total, the Drifters won the team trophy.

Athletes were divided into three weight classes:

  • Lightweight - 140-175 pounds
    Marion McNeil, Greg Bankhead, Nick Brown, Travis Irvine, Jackson Catlett, Kiante Dickerson, Carter Foster

  • Middleweight - 180-210 pounds
    Jason Vickery, Josh Sanford, Davon Peyton, Robbie Sokol, Douglas Berry, Jamie Little, Tyler Vickery

  • Heavyweight - 239-330 pounds
    Raymond Johnson, Xzavius Tate, Tim Gordon, Jacob Hoffmaster

    These strength and agility winners finished with outstanding performances:

  • lightweight: Nick Brown (1st), Jason Catlet (2nd), Greg Bankhead (3rd)
  • middleweight: Jamie Little (1st), Devon Peyton (2nd), Robbie Sokol (3rd)
  • heavyweight: Raymond Johnson (1st), Tim Gordon (2nd), Jacob Hoffmaster (3rd)

    Farmer carry

  • lightweight: Greg Bankhead (1st), Kiante Dickerson (2nd), Jason Catlet (3rd)
  • middleweight: Josh Sanford (1st), Jason Vickery (2nd), Robbie Sokol (3rd)
  • heavyweight: Jacob Hoffmaster (1st), Raymond Johnson (2nd), Tim Gordon (3rd)

    Tire flip

  • lightweight: Kiante Dickerson (1st), Greg Bankhead (2nd) Marion McNeil (3rd)
  • middleweight: Jason Vickery (1st), Robbie Sokol (2nd), Josh Sanford (3rd)
  • heavyweight: Jacob Hoffmaster (1st). Tim Gordon (2nd), Xzavius Tate (3rd)

    Jeep push/pull

  • lightweight: Greg Bankhead (1st), Kiante Dickerson (2nd), Jackson Catlett (3rd)
  • middleweight: Josh Sanford (1st), Jamie Little (2nd), Jason Vickery (3rd)
  • heavyweight: Raymond Johnson (1st), Jacob Hoffmaster (2nd), Tim Gordon (3rd)

    Tire throw

  • lightweight: Marion McNeil (1st), Kiante Dickerson (2nd), Greg Bankhead (3rd)
  • middleweight: Davon Peyton (1st), Josh Sanford (2nd), Jamie Little (3rd)
  • heavyweight: Raymond Johnson (1st), Tim Gordon (2nd), Jacob Hoffmaster (3rd)


The Drifters Athletic Department thanks the following sponsors for helping to provide event equipment and refreshments for the athletes: Big L Tire (Warsaw), Summit Recycling (Fredericksburg), Sheetz (King George), Food Lion (Montross) and Can’t Be Beat Auto Sales (King George).

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