Jetski Competition

APBA Waterfest 2010

"Colonial Beach Waterfest" is a name for the jetski competition that will be making a stop in our town on August 7 & 8, 2010. The APBA is the organizer of this event, which is Round 9 and 10 of an 11-round series. It's been a few years since we have seen personal watercraft races here of any kind, so it's highly anticipated, especially a larger National series like this one.

There's a pre-race kick-off party Friday on Town Hill starting at 5pm with live music by Old School. Racing begins on Saturday. That night there's a racer's party at High Tides' "Black Pearl" Tiki Bar with live music by tribute band Think Pink Floyd. Racing continues on Sunday!

For the full jetski competition schedule and event traffic and parking information, click here.

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It was August 26, 2001. The jetski competition descended on Colonial Beach for a great day of personal watercraft (PWC) racing.

The event, organized by Watersport Productions was sanctioned by the ISJBA (International Jet Sports Boating Association), an international jetski competition and PWC racing membership organization and sanctioning body for personal watercraft racing.

This Mid-Atlantic Watercross Tour saw a number of competitors run this Region 8 event.


  • Beginner Runabout: 1-Scott Morrison Jr. 2-Tim Haines 3-Todd Esponca 4-Michael Misicnowyrz 

  • Novice Veterans Ski: 1-Todd Young 2-Rick Calhoun 3-Jeff Binzen 4-Jeffery Earls 

  • Novice Ski Limited: 1-Todd Young 2-Rick Calhoun 3-Jeff Binzen 4-Barry Ault 5-Jeffery Earls 

  • Novice Ski Superstock: 1-Todd Young 2-Rick Calhoun 3-Jeffery Binzen 

  • Novice Sport Superstock: 1-Bill Amoss, Jr. 

  • Novice Runabout 785 Stock: 1-Tres Haase 2-Michael Kline 3-Jason Kiss 

  • Novice Runabout 785 Limited: 1-Matt Phenes 2-Michael Phenes 3-Michael Kline 4-Tres Haase 

  • Novice Runabout 785 Superstock: 1-Phil Wilcox 2-Travis Dill 

  • Novice Runabout 1200 Stock: 1-Michael Kline 2-Billy Lese 3-Frank Talarico 4-Bill Amoss Jr. 5-Tim Haines 6-Thad Sukawski 

  • Novice Runabout 1200 Limited: 1-Scott Robinson 2-Frank Talarico 3-Kevin Weyant 4-Michael Kline 5-Alexander Yates 

  • Novice Runabout 1200 Superstock: 1-Mike Weaver 2-Travis Dill 3-Kevin Weyant 4-Alexander Yates 

  • Amateur Veterans Runabout: 1-Bryan Bock 2-Mike Weaver 3-Stewart Possinger 

  • Amateur Veterans Runabout 40+: 1-Stewart Possinger 

  • Expert Veterans Ski: 1-Don Morningstar 2-Todd Schaefer 3-Chip Long 4-Rick Witherow 

  • Expert Ski Limited: 1-Don Morningstar 2-Dale Gray 3-Stacey Stauffer 

  • Expert Ski Superstock: 1-Don Morningstar 2-Todd Schaefer 3-Chip Long 4-Rick Witherow 5-Stacey Stauffer 6-John Gould 

  • Expert Runabout 785 Superstock: 1-Stephen New 2-Eric Latusek 

  • Expert Runabout 1200 Superstock: 1-Ryan Redmond 

  • Pro-Am Sport: 1-Stewart Possinger 2-Scott McKenna 

  • Pro Ski: 1-Mike Kelberer 

  • Pro Runabout 1200: 1-John Dietz 2-Brian Sutphin 

  • Blaster Class: 1-Jason Palmer 

  • Endurance Veterans: 1-Michael Misianawyez 2-Mike Cox 3-Glenn Padgett 4-Dutch Sanger 

  • Endurance 785 Stock: 1-Jason Kish 2-Beshka Rose 3-Glenn Padgett 

  • Endurance 785 Superstock: 1-Dutch Sanger 

  • Endurance 1200 Stock: 1-Vic Anderson 2-Michael Misianawyez 3-Todd Esparza 4-Mike Cox 5-Glenn Padgett 

  • Endurance 1200 Superstock: 1-Vic Anderson 2-Steve Myers 3-Harold McCanick 

  • Endurance Team: 1-Barry Ault/Sue Tucker

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