Waste management: Taking Trash and Taking Requests

The Waste Management, Inc. Monroe Hall transfer station site is where I bring my household garbage. It's just down the road from President James Monroe's Birthplace. Another thing that makes this site special is "garbologist" Herald Newnum, a 62-year old filled with friendliness, enthusiasm and song. Yes, I said song. Herald loves to sing, and he'll rattle off a tune with no problem, often accompanied by a guitar which he slings across his back.

Newnum and local musician Tyler Nichols recently had a jam session, right there at the dump! You can see their rendition of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" in a music video on YouTube.

Newnum at the ready to seranade another customer.

His daddy taught him to play guitar. He comes from a music-loving family in a poor part of Kentucky where they gathered with neighbors on Saturday nights to sing songs and play.

Prior to working for WMI, Newnum spent many years in the Navy and he also used to own a bait, tackle and souvenir shop here in Colonial Beach. He and his wife Delores have been married forty years and they have five children and five grandchildren.

I love Newnum's singing, helpfulness and positive outlook. It makes the chore of bringing my trash and recyclables to the "dump" much more bearable.

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