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Extended Weather Forecast and Virginia Weather in Colonial Beach

Current CB, Virginia Weather:
(scroll down for extended weather forecast & 15 day weather forecast)

Come on in, the Weather's (usually) Fine!

Colonial Beach, Virginia weather can range anywhere from hot and humid to snowy and icy.

While the weather here is normally gorgeous, hot and humid happens sometimes during the late spring and summer months of June through September. We usually get lucky and have a stretch of really nice weather where the days of spring are sunny and warm with very low humidity before the hotter humid summer days arrive.

Fall is beautiful. The foliage colors are just spectacular and really give off a cozy feel as the harvest and Halloween celebrations take place and everyone prepares to settle in for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays.

One thing I enjoy about Virginia weather is snow, believe it or not. Having grown up on the wast coast, I really appreciated my first snowfall in the winter of 1995. It's a strange thing to see snowflakes on the normally sandy beaches in winter. We don't get a whole lot of it, perhaps two or three snowfalls anywhere from December through February that will actually stick and not melt for a couple of days.

Ice storms are probably my least favorite part of living in Virginia Weather that includes freezing rain is just not a good thing. I was told the region had a very bad ice storm in the winter of 1994, about six months before I moved here. Since I've lived here, I only recall a couple of ice events and I don't think either of them were that difficult. They must not have been too bad because I can't recall any of the details. One thing that would help in icy weather: underground utilities. Overhead power lines just get coated with ice and droop.    

Once in a great while, a tornado/high wind event will come through the area and this can take place anywhere from April through August. The severe weather forecasts and warnings for our area come from the National Weather Service office in Wakefield, VA.
Their website (see URL below) also shows the extended weather forecast and they have links to other Virginia weather information.

Sometimes we get high winds and rain from hurricanes that make their way through the area. If I'm not mistaken, the last major hurricane damage we suffered was from Hurricane Isabel in 2003. It was pretty rough. The 7-11 store on Colonial Avenue was packed the morning after the hurricane. They had generators and were selling cups of coffee and breakfast items like crazy. I remember being without power for almost 5 days due to the storm. At work, we used generators and shared a couple of computers to check our e-mail and get our work done. At home, what we did was break out all our camping gear and we roughed it for awhile. Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, the power came back on. Some shingles on our roof flew off and we had some tree limbs down, but other than that there was no damage to our property. Granted, I lived about 10 miles outside of the town limits. There was more damage in the actual town area of Colonial Beach.

Colonial Beach, Virginia Weather and Extended Weather Forecast:

Weather Forecast | Weather Maps | Weather Radar

15 day weather forecast:

Weather Forecast | Weather Maps | Weather Radar

In my opinion, the extended weather forecast calls for FUN, so head on over to Colonial Beach!

Average Maximum Temperature in Colonial Beach:
°C (Celsius)
January: 7.6
February: 9.3
March: 14.9
April: 20.5
May: 25.5
June: 30.0
July: 32.0
August: 31.3
September: 28.0
October: 21.8
November: 16.1
December: 10.1

°F (Fahrenheit)
January: 45.7
February: 48.7
March: 58.8
April: 68.9
May: 77.9
June: 86.0
July: 89.6
August: 88.3
September: 82.4
October: 71.2
November: 61.0
December: 50.2

Here's another look at the weather forecast:

5 Day Weather Forecast and more from Weather Underground Return from Extended Weather Forecast to Colonial-Beach-Virginia-Attractions Home

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