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Virginia Land for Sale

Virginia Land for Sale

The Town of Colonial Beach on February 16th announced a public solicitation for offers to purchase site located outside of the town along Monroe Creek. The approximately 22 acres of unimproved waterfront real estate is owned by the Town of Colonial Beach and is the site of a former dump.

Virginia is a land of many contrasts. From the inviting shores of the Atlantic through the rolling countryside and into the mountains that millions of people call home, Virginia is a land rich in diversity, cultural heritage and modern lifestyles all rolled into one.

For those who are looking to move or relocate to this great state, there are properties that feature great diversity and opportunity as well for businesses and individuals. With 95 counties each filled with their own unique beauty and attractions, Virginia offers the best in rural activities including hunting, fishing, and water sports. However, cities such as Richmond and Norfolk are perfect for those wanting urban entertainment.


If you are looking to build or relocate your business to Virginia, you can take advantage of the favorable tax laws and the great diversity of Virginia land for sale. The waterfront is perfect for businesses that ship items overseas. Or you could purchase land in the interior of Virginia that is very affordable, yet within easy reach of railroad and highway networks that connect your business to customers across the country.


Whether you want to build a small cottage in the forest, purchase a large beach house that overlooks the Atlantic or a modest home in the city, you can find it all in Virginia. Looking for Virginia land for sale is easy because this state offers a great variety from rich farmland and ranchland to raise cattle to sleek, modern homes located in the urban centers of Richmond and other great cities in Virginia.

There are many different ways to purchase land in Virginia. One of the more popular is by auction where you can save a considerable amount of money. Auctions are publicized across the 95 counties of Virginia, making it easy to take advantage of big savings when looking for a particular type of property.

However, finding property or acreage that is right for you is as simple as going online and seeing the vast number and diversity of properties for sale. Virginia is for lovers and for those who are looking for the right property that suits their business needs as well as those looking for their dream home.

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