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Patawomeck Heritage Foundation

The Patawomeck Heritage Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization that is dedicated to the preservation and education with regards to the culture, history and art of the native american indian tribe bearing their name.

These indians are historically among the first indian tribes that encountered the European and English settlers who came to North America. A very large tribe of the Powhatan Federation, they settled in what is now Stafford and King George counties. The English pronounced their name "Potomac" which is how the Potomac River got its name.

The indians made friends with the English colonists and even became their allies after awhile. They also provided corn and other food to the Jamestown settlement when those folks were starving. It is believed that the settlement would have failed, had it not been for the help of the tribe.

The Patawomeck Indians of Virginia became one of the 11 state recognized tribes in 2010. They recreate an interactive 1600's living history village, complete with longhouse, canoes and craft demonstrations like arrowhead knapping.

A building fund has been established to provide capital to build, operate and maintain a Native American Cultural Center in the White Oak area. The Center is expected to include many different elements, including:

  • a museum gallery for artifacts
  • visitor center, living history village and walking trails
  • classrooms for workshops
  • library for literature and genealogy
  • areas for cultural events, tribal celebrations and other activities
  • offices and meeting rooms for the Tribal Council and Heritage Foundation
  • There's also a scholarship fund which will award scholarships to students studying Native American culture and living within 100 miles of the tribe's original village in Stafford County.

    Historically dressed tribal members are available for your public event.

    Patawomeck Heritage Foundation PO Box 615, Colonial Beach VA 22443

    Learn more about the tribe at

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