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Fall Rockfish Tournament

Coming November 10-12, 2023!

2022 Rock Tourney

The Colonial Beach Chamber of Commerce sponsored Rockfish Tournament event usually takes place in mid-November of every year. For the most part, the weather has been cooperative making the event that much more successful.

If you'd like to sponsor one of the prizes for this year's event, contact the Chamber of Commerce at

2019's event was postponed.

24th Annual - November 9 - 11, 2018

Friday, November 9th - 6:00 pm Captain's Dinner
Saturday, November 10th - Fishing from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm
Sunday, November 11th - Fishing from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. Trophies awarded at Dockside 5:00 pm

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2009 Rockfish Tournament LeaderboardPast Leaderboard

2016 Results

Captain Roger Grissom of the Reel Intimidator brought in the winning 19.5 lb rockfish on Saturday Nov. 12th at around 3:30 p.m., measuring 35.75 inches and capturing the top cash prize of $5,000, the Big Boy Calcutta award with a cash prize of $1,600 and the Special Angler Calcutta with a cash prize of $495.

Coming in second for the Cash Prize division was Captain Bob Ackerman who caught a 17.55 lb. Rockfish aboard the Ms. Amy Sea, netting him $1,5000. Third place ($500) was Captain Wink Elder aboard the Gladys Marine with a 15.1 lb rockfish.
Angler Matthew Hockman took home $250 for his 14.2 lb fish caught aboard the SaltEd, under Captain Ed Roach.

Ladies' Division

First place went to Kristy Look who reeled in an 11.25 lb. Rockfish measuring 31 inches.
Second place: Tammy Rawlings whos fish weighed in at 10.85 lbs.
Third place: 
Donna Martinez with a fish weighing 10.35 lbs.

Special Anglers

Two families participated this year in the Special Angler category. Andy Martinez brought in the the first place trophy with his 7.3 lb Rockfish caught aboard The “John Russell” under Captain Sullivan. Aboard the same boat Joe Gittinger brought in the second place trophy with his 6.15 lb fish.

On Saturday Will Gordon won the first place trophy for his 6.8 lb rockfish while fishing aboard the kayLeigh under Captain James Keiffer.
Second Place in the Youth division was Jacob Dameron, but Andrew Rammo accepted the award as well. The boys were fishing with their fathers Rick Rammo and Captain Adam Dameron on the 26-foot “Knot It” hailing from Lorton, Virginia.

Third place Youth Division award on Saturday went to Jaxton Jett and his 3.95 lb. rockfish measuring 22.5 inches. Jett fished from The Parker under Captain Jack Heasle.

The Youth Division encountered a tie on Sunday. Both Matthew Hockman and Will Gordon brought in fish weighing exactly the same, (11.8 lbs.) Matthew’s fish measured 30 inches and Will’s measured 30.25 inches. The rules in this tournament state that tie-breakers are based on who brought the fish in first. Matthew arrived at 1:50 p.m. and Will came in to the dock at 3:30 taking home second place on Sunday.
Third place trophy went to Jaxton Jett for his 28 lb fish which was four and half pounds heavier than his prize winning fish on Saturday.

2015 Results

Cash Prize Division

1st Place:  $5000 Chris Long 15.95 lbs
2nd Place:  $1500 Matt Mathes 15.4 lbs
3rd Place:  $750 Tom Mooney 14.8 lbs
4th Place:  $500 Robert Wurm 12.85

Ladies Division

1st Place:  Janet Markwith 11.85 lbs
2nd Place:  Lin Ezell 11.8 lbs
3rd Place:  Tammy Massie 9.7 lbs

Youth Division (Saturday)

1st place:  Jacob Dameron 6.25 lbs
2nd Place:  Patrick Nugent 5.8 lbs
3rd Place:  Matthew Hockman 5.35

Youth Division (Sunday)

1st Place:  Mathew Hockman
2nd Place:  CJ Martin Jr 8.95 lbs
3rd Place:  Andrew Thompson 8.5 lbs

Special Angler Division (Saturday)

1st Place:  Michael Thorpe Jr 8.0 lbs

Special Angler Division (Sunday)

1st Place:  Michael Thorpe Jr. 8.0 lbs
2nd Place:  Mark Nussberger 6.45 lbs
3rd Place:  Brittany Nussberger 6.1 lbs

Calcutta Winner

Chris Long - 27.5 lbs

2014 Results

Men’s Division

1st Place: Chris Markwith-31.00 lbs. 2nd Place: Chris Long-13.62 lbs. 3rd Place: David Morgans-12.92 lbs. 4th Place: Matt Mathes-12.88 lbs

Women’s Division

1st: Kiley Ferrari-10.92 lbs. 2nd: Janet Markwith-10.56 lbs. 3rd: Carolyn McIntyre-9.82 lbs.

Youth Division Day 1 1st: RJ Abell-4.06 lbs. 2nd: Patrick Nugent-2.82 lbs.

Day 2 1st: Jimmy Tippett- 8.30 lbs. 2nd: Jace Jett- 6.20 lbs. 3rd: Jacob Damron- 5.56 lbs.

Special Anglers Day 1 1st: Sarah Capp- 4.86 lbs. 2nd: Joe Gittinger -2.84 lbs.

Day 2 1st: Travis Smith-9 lbs. 2nd: Morgan Howard-8.80 lbs.

The 2013 Rockfish Tournament took place on November 8 - 10.

1st Place Winners: "LAST ONE II" Boat #3 RockHard Fishing Team

2013 Results

  • Youth Division
    1st - James Harrison Jr., 7.24 lbs.
    2nd - Patrick Nugent, 6.5 lbs.
    3rd - Jace Jett, 6.24 lbs.
    1st - Erin Hall, 9.86 lbs.
    2nd - Luke Mooney, 8.26 lbs.
    3rd - Jace Jett, 5.72 lbs.
    Ladies Divison
    1st - Christina Viviers, 8.62 lbs.
    2nd - Lauren Gwin, 6.68 lbs.
    Mens Divison
    1st - Mike Harris, 14.16 lbs.
    2nd - Scott Dickens, 12.36 lbs.
    3rd - John Weber, 12.10 lbs.
    4th - Matt Mathes, 11.84 lbs.
    5th - Jeff Hammett, 11.60 lbs.
    2012's event was rescheduled and took place on November 9-10-11
  • Men’s Division Winners
    1st Place - Robert Wurm, 34.6 lbs.
    2nd Place - George Hall, 26.35 lbs.
    3rd Place - Rick Garrison, 24.15 lbs.
    4th Place - Dave Chatham, 17.20 lbs.
    5th Place - Alvin ”Frog” Auringer, 16.70 lbs.
  • Ladies Division
    1st Place - Amanda Wurm, 10.75 lbs.
    2nd Place - Deborah Hobbs, 9.45 lbs.
    3rd Place - Michelle Johnson, 5.70 lbs.
  • Youth Division
    1st Place - Aaron Bassie (age 13) 9.65 lbs.
    2nd Place - Luke Mooney (age 11) 7.55 lbs.
    3rd Place - James Harrison Jr. (age 6) 7.45 lbs.
    1st Place - James Harrsion Jr. 10.10 lbs.
    2nd Place - Larry White (age 12) 8.20 lbs.
    3rd Place - Luke Mooney 7.85 lbs.
  • 2009 Chamber of Commerce Rockfish Tournament Banner

    2009 Results

  • Saturday youth:
    Brian Mays- 37 5/8" 19.25lbs.
    Joseph Morgan- 39 1/4" 19.10lbs.
    Jimmy Tippett- 38 1/8 18.85lbs.
  • Sunday Youth:
    Jimmy Tippett- 43 3/8" 29.55lbs.
    Hunter Burnett- 32 1/2" 27.5lbs.
    Joseph Morgan-37 3/4" 21.70lbs.
  • First place winner:
    George Melson- 47 5/8" 47.65lbs. $5,000.00
    2-Jim Harrison- 45" 38.25lbs. $2,500.00
    3-Lee Holt- 46 3/8" 36.30lbs. $2,000.00
    4-John Sanderson- 47 7/8" 34.08lbs. $1,500.00
    5-George Hall- 43 5/8" 33.85lbs. $1,000.00
    Calcutta Winner was John Sanderson with two fish of 68.65lbs.
  • Sponsors: YMCA, Ashton Daycare, Wilkerson's Seafood, Potomac River Charters.

    2008 Results

    1st Place: Tim Trivett prize: $5,000 weight: 16.7 lbs length: 34 1/8th inches
    2nd Place: Matt Mathes prize: $2,500 weight: 12.6 lbs length: 31 1/2 inches
    3rd Place: Randy Mays prize: $2,000 weight: 12.10 length: 30 1/2 inches
    4th Place: Mike Long prize: $1,500 weight: 11.5 lbs length: 30 1/4 inches
    5th Place: Chris Markwith prize: $1,000 weight: 11.05 lbs length: 28 3/4 inches

    Saturday Youth Division
    1st Place: Brandon Shaw weight: 9.05 lbs length: 27 1/2 inches
    2nd Place: Brian Mays weight: 7.55 lbs length: 24 1/2 inches
    3rd Place: Jimmy Tippett weight: 5.10 lbs length: 23 inches

    Sunday Youth Division
    1st Place: Brandon Shaw weight: 6.10 lbs length: 25 inches
    2nd Place: Jimmy Tippett weight: 4.2 lbs length: 22 3/4 inches
    3rd Place: Dakota Jones weight: 3.95 lbs length: 21 inches

    Rockfish being weighed

    2007 Results

    1st Place: Gary Fisher, boat #45. 16.6 lbs., 34 1/2 in. $5K prize
    2nd Place: Jason Hayden, boat #90. 14.8 lbs., 34 in. $2,500 prize
    3rd Place: Mike Bolling, boat #88. 13.9 lbs., 31 3/4 in. $2K prize
    4th Place: Thomas Wine, boat #82. 8.3 lbs., 27 1/4 in., $1,500 prize
    5th Place: Robert Wurm, boat #29. 7.4 lbs., 26 in. $1K prize

    Youth Division Trophy Winners - Saturday Results
    1st Place: Cameron Warfield, boat #76. 4.6 lbs., 23 1/2 in.
    2nd Place: Austin Tippett, boat #3. 3.2 lbs., 21 1/4 in.
    3rd Place: Patrick Nugent, boat #100. 2.7 lbs., 20 1/2 in.

    Youth - Sunday Results
    1st Place: Joseph Morgans, boat #96. 6.71 lbs., 27 5/8 in.
    2nd Place: Kandice King, boat #34. 4.45 lbs., 22 3/8 in.
    3rd Place: Austin Tippett, boat #3. 4.35 lbs., 23 in.

    Rockfish Tournament

    For more Rockfish Tournament coverage, see the Colonial Beach Volunteer Fire Department's Spring Rockfish Tournament page

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