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What Colonial Beach Attractions Would YOU Like to See?

There are a lot of great Colonial Beach attractions already, but there are always room for more. Alright, all those budding entrepreneurs out there - check this out! Here's a "wish list" of sorts of things that don't already exist in our town. The local authorities have worked on streamlining the process for opening a new business, and there are some great storefront locations available. It would be wonderful to add these items to the ever-growing list of Colonial Beach attractions.

Wet Banana Slide: At the top of many people's lists is the big, bright, yellow water slide that used to be located near where the entrance to the Municipal Pier is.

  • Rentals: Jetski, Segway, etc. I get asked all the time, "Where can I rent a jetski in Colonial Beach?" While there are kayak rentals, and there were bicycle and jetski rentals available in town at one time, it would be great to have those options available again.

  • Mexican Restaurant. There are a lot of restaurants in Colonial Beach already, but it could really use a Mexican restaurant. A Greek restaurant would be great as well, and even something like Farrell's. You haven't lived until you've seen two men run and tote "The Zoo" (a huge ice cream dish) through the restaurant as the bells sound and the lights flash.

  • Bowling Alley. There's a Colonial Beach Ladies Bowling League, so why not a bowling alley?

  • Movie Theater. Once upon a time, the Mayfair Theater stood on the corner of Washington and Wilder, but it burned down in 1972.

  • Performing Arts Center. There's so much theatrical talent in Colonial Beach, but not many performance arenas. A local community band/symphony orchestra could be based here as well.
  • Stores: Shoe Store, Pet Store, Computer Sales & Service, Music (instrument sales, repair and rentals, music lessons). The former Goodwill and Movie Gallery stores in the Beachgate Shopping Center are vacant, as is the Virginia ABC Store's former location (they moved right next door to where they were), so there's plenty of store space available.

  • Miniature Golf. While a championship 18-hole golf course would be awesome, ya gotta start somewhere! There used to be putt-putt on Town Hill. Let's bring it back!

  • Tennis. A public tennis and/or racquetball court would be very welcome. The site plat for the Monroe Bay Townhomes development shows a tennis court in the long-range plans.

  • Truck Stop. There's already a nice gravel parking pad by Hall's Supermarket where the big rigs park, along with a Laundromat, so they're off to a good start there.

  • Arcade. Soc(i)als had a goal to open a teen gaming center on the Boardwalk (in the former building with the mural painted on the side).
  • Pedicab. A fleet of pedicabs/rickshaws could shuttle folks around town - and provide good exercise (and a nice tan) for the driver.

  • Renaissance Faire/Festival. I got a little sad when I drove by the weather-beaten sign on Route 3 where amidst the peeling paint, the "Virginia Renaissance Faire" lettering was barely legible. It was fun while it lasted. It would be great to see one of these events in our town.

    So, now it's your turn! What would you like to see as far as future Colonial Beach attractions? Hopefully some entrepreneurs out there will see some of these ideas through to fruition.
  • What Attractions would you like to see in Colonial Beach?

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