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Colonial Beach Soda Fountain

Closed December 2023

Soda Fountain Menu

This groovy cool 1960s style diner is called the Colonial Beach Soda Fountain. It is housed in the same building as Colonial Beach Games.

Here you'll find a dozen tables, a retro-styled eatery and great food and desserts. If you'd prefer to eat at the lunch counter, there's that option as well.

Luch Counter at Soda Fountain

I finally got a chance to eat here recently and I had the "Marilyn Monroe" burger which is a mushroom swiss. It was very tasty. Many of the menu items are named for vintage celebrities or famous movies.
The "Dick van Dyke" appetizer is breaded mushrooms, for instance. The "Don Rickles" is pickles, of course. The "Carol Burnett" is fried green tomatoes.

I sampled the loaded baked potato soup which was on the specials menu for that day. It was great as well.

Soda Fountain Specials Menu Board

The onion rings and onion petals I tried tasted wonderful, too. I'm looking forward to coming back here to try the breakfast buffet on the weekends. I'm told it is very good.

Soda Fountain Kitchen Window

I kept expecting the cook to set a plate on the shelf between the kitchen and the lunch counter, ring a bell and shout, "Order up!" but I guess that's an old TV show I was thinking of.

Soda Fountain malt shop

This place has a true malt shop vibe and I think it makes a nice addition to the shopping center. It's also really cool to be able to partake in some arcade games or an escape room adventure right next door.

This building previously held the All-American Harley-Davidson pop-up shop. Before that it was Rankins Hardware, back when they were located at this opposite end of the shopping center.

Colonial Beach Soda Fountain

501 Euclid Ave., Unit "A"
Colonial Beach, VA 22443


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