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Eleanor Park

Public Hearing Dec. 1, 2021

July 2020: Playground equipment is slated to be installed at Eleanor Park. This would replace the proposed dismantling of the equipment at nearby Castlewood Park. Those plans have now been modified as well.

Conservation easements have been filed for and the grassy, treed spot on Irving Avenue has been a hot topic for debate. There are folks who wish for the land to remain undisturbed and used as a gathering spot for things like Sunday afternoon croquet games.

Others wish for the land to be sold and developed so the town can reap the benefits of the sale price and subsequent property taxes. If those on the neighboring streets wish to continue to have their direct river views, they could choose to purchase one or two of the lots.

The Town Council voted to sell the land at their meeting on September 19, 2018. Potential buyers rescinded their offers, however.

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It was meant to remain as open space for all time. Henry J. Kintz was the developer of the White Point Farm subdivision and he established the spot and other amenities in 1882. It was "to have and to hold the same in trust for the benefit and enjoyment of the owners of the lots in said subdivision forever." (Deed Book #43, Westmoreland County, Virginia, pgs. 20-22)

Enjoyed by many as a camping area, the nearly 2-acre site later became a residential plot with annual leases for trailer owners once the town installed water and electric service there. Those trailers were removed from the park beginning around 2009.

Eleanor Park is All That Remains

Other land which had been originally dedicated to the lot owners for their use and enjoyment was at one time up for sale. This beautiful block which fronts on Irving Avenue is all that's left and features superb waterfront views of the Potomac River and tall shade trees..

Here's a video clip of what the space would look like if it were to have houses built on it. Here's a slide show with proposed usage of the site.

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