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Trash Can Art

UPDATE 2016: Because new black benches and wastebaskets have been purchased and installed on the boardwalk as part of the revitalization program, the art panels that came off the old wastebaskets will be displayed on the side of the Food Court building on the Boardwalk.

Trash Can Art on Food Court

Trash can art on the Boardwalk in early 2013 made the area even more beautiful. This town has a thriving artists community with many galleries, shops and a monthly Second Friday ArtWalk. Plus, there's an abundance of beautiful scenery for inspiration! The talented folks from the Colonial Beach Artist's Guild spruced up the once-plain run of the mill waste receptacles by painting panels which were mounted on the side of each unit.

Guild member Elcy Leshley saw on a recent trip to Abilene, Kansas that there were art panels on the outdoor waste bins in that town, and so the idea for the CBAG's 2013 Colonial Beach beautification project was born. The town provided the primed panels and the creative folks picked up their brushes and went to work. Some of the pieces even utilize mixed media, which is really cool!

I went around and took photos of each of the works. I'm told that they were treated with a clear top coat to preserve them and to keep the weather from damaging them. There was a meeting on April 17, 2013 where the panels were on display and then turned over to town personnel for installation.

Colonial Beach

Bay Haven Landscapes really did a nice job on the area next to the restroom buildings where the picnic benches and some of the waste bins are located.

About two dozen of these pretty painted panels can be found.

Apologies for the shadows in the picture on some of the pieces. There are trees overhead.

Here's a slideshow of more of the pieces

Of course, photos don't do them justice. It's best to come visit the beach and see these great items for yourself, in person!

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